Book Marketing Genius

A practical workbook to help you boost your book sales.

BOOK MARKETING GENIUS is a practical workbook to help you boost your book sales.

You can build your book marketing ORGANICALLY into your book-writing process.

BOOK MARKETING GENIUS is a practical workbook. It is for you if you are a writer who has already completed your book, or if you are still in the process of writing it.

BOOK MARKETING GENIUS is for you if you are an independent author or publisher. It is particularly aimed at nonfiction authors, although it also contains useful information for fiction authors.

The BOOK MARKETING GENIUS eight-step method contains strategies for:

- finding and identfying your ideal customers;
- developing and cultivating your fan base;
- finding reviewers for your book

and much more.

In addition to strategies for developing your book, and your book marketing plan, Book Marketing Genius contains short interviews with two book marketing geniuses:

- John Kremer, author of 1000 Ways to Market Your Book; and
- Alinka A. Rutkowska, author of How I Sold 80,000 Books.

This version is a work-in-progress. In other words, this is the beta version. I greatly depend upon readers such as yourself to give me feedback on the book, whether or not you found it useful, and why or why not.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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